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Terms and Conditions of Use for Electronic Resources Licensed to the FU Berlin

The terms and conditions of use of e-resources are laid down in the licensing agreements concluded between the FU Berlin and the providers/licensors of electronic products.

By using the e-resources users agree to abide by these terms and conditions of use.

In case of non-compliance this may result in blocking of the user's library account and being banned from the premises of all FU Berlin libraries (see also the University Library regulations (in German only).

Here we provide an overview of the terms and conditions of use of e-resources that apply to the majority of licensed databases, fulltexts, and electronic journals. In some individual cases the terms may be more or less restrictive; see section below on licenses with special conditions.

Databases, fulltexts, and e-journals to which there is unrestricted access, for example, open access items, are also protected by copyright and subject to the terms of use stipulated by the provider. In these cases please note the terms of use laid down by the provider of the database or e-resource.

General rules of use

Authorized users:

  • Members of the FU Berlin. Members are: enrolled students and all persons employed by or contractually bound to the FU Berlin, for example, professors, research assistants, non-academic university personnel.
  • External users of the FU libraries, who have a valid library card or visit the FU libraries and use the computers provided on-site to access the e-resources.
  • Accredited, affiliated, and visiting scholars at the FU Berlin.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights, particularly rights of use and exploitation under copyright law, are the sole and exclusive property of the providers/licensors of the e-resources. Authorized users at the FU Berlin are permitted to access the e-resources to undertake research activities and to view, retrieve, and display portions thereof and to save electronically portions of the licensed works.
Systematic downloading of e-resources - for example, entire volumes of journals - is not permitted.
Further, it is not permitted to use special software, for example, web robots and the like, for downloading.
Authorized users are permitted to save electronically and print out single copies of portions of the licensed works for their personal use only. It is not permitted to distribute or display, either in whole or in part, any portion of the e-resources, in any way whatsoever, on any electronic network, including the Internet and the World Wide Web, as paper copies, or on any electronic storage medium. Authorized users may not permit third parties to access or use the licensed e-resources, and may not use them for commercial information services. Further it is not permitted to translate, edit, reorganize, or restructure the e-resources in any way whatsoever, nor are their public presentation, display, or performance allowed.

Remote access

Remote access to the licensed e-resources may only be undertaken in a secure network and only by members of the FU Berlin. "Remote access" is defined here as access to the e-resources from outside the premises of the FU Berlin.

Interlibrary loans

Libraries are permitted to lend out single copies of individual journal articles (not complete issues) via interlibrary loan, providing the following conditions are met:
Paper copies of the fulltext articles may be sent only by regular postal service or by fax; electronic transmission is not permitted. No commercial usage is permitted, nor any service for commercial clients.

Licenses with special conditions:

Information about copyright:



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